Moving Ever Closer

Ok, so for a first post, I am putting very little thought into this. Just need to unload some stuff from my heart. Here goes:

My youngest child is about to graduate high school in 5 days. 27 years of in home parenting is about to be over. And here I sit, at 47, divorced, facing this whole new chapter of my life. I thought I would be facing this with a partner, making it slightly less frightening or lonely.

And of course I want my kids to move on. That’s what you raise them to do: move out into the world. I don’t want my daughter to feel bad for doing what she’s supposed to do! I’m just going to miss her. I’m going to miss our life together. I’m going to miss her friendship (as well as her daughtership…no, I am not one of those moms who is just friends with her kids).

When you spend years doing something, years making lunches, driving kids to practices, dances, friend’s houses, reading their homework assignments, and so on, you assume it’s never going to end. Because it feels that way. But then one day it does.

My last day of making a lunch for a child at home came and went without me recognizing it. I know, it sounds so crazy that I was using that as a punch card. But I thought I had one more day, and I didn’t.

So I sit here, mourning the loss of making lunches. Mourning the loss of raising kids. Mourning the loss of a partner to face this next part of my life. Yes, there are days when I am so excited about my upcoming new chapter of my life. But today, I mourn.


About mslushly

A 47 year-old mom of 3, with last kiddo headed off to college. Divorced. My life is being blown wide open. I'm trying to embrace the changes but it's not always easy.
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One Response to Moving Ever Closer

  1. We understand!! So bittersweet when they go, good luck…

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